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Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations [help the people to learn of Me, believe in Me, and obey My words], baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always [remaining with you perpetually–regardless of circumstance, and on every occasion], even to the end of the age.” MATTHEW 28:19‭-‬20 AMP


How Can I Stop Questioning My Salvation?

Written by: Got Questions

Article source: www.gotquestions.org

Doubts about our relationship with God plague most of us at some point. The reasons for questioning our salvation are many. Some reasons are valid; some are not. This article will explore some common reasons people question their salvation and offer biblical solutions for ending those tormenting thoughts.

We must first define what salvation means as it pertains to eternity. Before we can know whether we have reason to question our salvation, we need to be certain we understand from the Bible what it means to be a Christian. A good definition of salvation is “the deliverance, by the grace of God, from eternal punishment for sin granted to those who accept by faith God’s conditions of repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus.”

1. The first and most obvious reason some people question their salvation is that they are not truly saved. False assurance of salvation is one of Satan’s best tricks to keep us from a true relationship with God. But even false assurance can desert us in crisis, in the middle of the night, or when we encounter a Spirit-filled Christian and are suddenly faced with the shallowness of our own assumptions. Second Corinthians 13:5 commands us to “examine yourselves. See if you are in the faith… unless, of course, you fail the test.” So self-examination is a good thing as long as we are honest with ourselves and use God’s Word as our standard.

2. Another reason some people question their salvation is that it is an incredibly extravagant gift. We cannot earn it, and we know we don’t deserve it. Just as loving parents give Christmas presents to children before those children are able to do anything worthy of such gifts, so our heavenly Father gives salvation to us when we are at our worst (Romans 5:8). We have difficulty understanding the concept of grace, and we often have a hard time accepting gifts we know we don’t deserve. A full pardon from a holy God seems wrong to us. We want to clean up our act first. A person committed to “earning one’s own way” may question his or her salvation; the gift of grace is too humbling to accept. With salvation, there are no markers to tell us when we have arrived. No price tags. No ledgers that tell us when we have achieved a goal. Those who struggle with the grace aspect of salvation must identify what they are basing their salvation on and whether, according to Scripture, they have accepted that gift. The book of Galatians was written to a church struggling with grace and can be an encouragement to those also caught in the grace vs. works debate.

3. Another reason some question their salvation is due to the inner voices they choose to listen to. People with introspective temperaments may be more prone to doubting their salvation because of their rich inner lives. God’s voice, Satan’s fiery missiles (Ephesians 6:16), and their own thoughts can get caught in a tangle, and they don’t know how to sort them out.

We must learn the art of thought-stopping (2 Corinthians 10:5). If a voice in our head does not line up with the truth in God’s Word, it did not come from God. We are to be the policemen of our minds, on the alert for trespassing thoughts or ideas (Proverbs 4:23). We see an intruder, and we take it captive, march it to Jesus the judge and ask, “Is this one of yours?” If we’ve placed our faith in the finished work of Christ and are following Him to the best of our understanding, then doubts of salvation are intruders and do not belong in a transformed mind (Romans 12:1–2). By developing a habit of thought-stopping when we recognize an enemy’s lie, we can overcome the habit of questioning our salvation.

4. Misreading Scripture is another reason some people develop doubts about their salvation. Even those who have walked with God for long seasons can become disillusioned when they run across a verse that seems to contradict their understanding. Misinterpreting certain passages has allowed Satan to place a foot in the doorway of some believers’ souls. Hebrews 6:4–6, Matthew 7:21–23, and other jarring passages, misunderstood, can cause weak believers to fear that what they thought was a secure salvation was actually at risk.

We stay balanced and assured of our relationship with God when we consider carefully “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Interpret unclear verses in light of clear, easily understandable verses. If one verse causes undue fear, keep studying and see what God’s Word as a whole says.

Consult godly teachers. Research sites like this one. But keep it always about Jesus: who He is, what He did on our behalf, and what our response to Him has been. Paul wrote, “I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2:2). We must bring all our questions back to Jesus and remember that He wants to save us more than we want to be saved. Salvation was God’s idea, and He will never withhold it from someone who diligently seeks Him (Jeremiah 29:13; Luke 19:10; John 6:37).

5. Besetting sins can cause us to question our salvation. When particular sin habits reassert themselves or refuse to leave, we may doubt we were ever saved at all. Romans 7 can be a comfort to those battling fleshly temptations. It helps to know that even the apostle Paul wrestled with his flesh. Hebrews 12:1 encourages us to “lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.” We do this by considering ourselves “dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus” (Romans 6:11). Our flesh no longer gets a vote on our decisions. It is to be treated like a toddler who wants to play in the street. A wise and loving parent will look out for the child’s best interest and do whatever is necessary to redirect the child to safety. Doubts recede as we gain the victory over sins that once enslaved us. The God who lives in us is greater than the sin that tempts us, and His power makes us “more than conquerors” (Romans 8:37; cf. 1 John 4:4).

6. Dry seasons of the spirit may also cause us to question our salvation. Seasons of dryness are part of any believer’s journey. There are times when our ability to perceive the presence of God is far greater than at other times. We talk about feeling “close to God,” but feelings are not trustworthy barometers. James 4:8 says, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” God draws near to us whether or not we feel Him.
The Holy Spirit does not leave us (Hebrews 13:5). We walk by faith, not by sight or feeling or mood (2 Corinthians 5:7). We tend to question our relationship with God when we are experiencing a spiritual dry season, but those seasons can actually help us dig deeper, obey anyway, and learn to endure (Revelation 14:12; 1 John 2:3).

We stop questioning our salvation when we choose to take God at His Word (John 3:16–18). We are saved by faith, nothing else. If we have faith that Jesus is who He claimed to be (Matthew 16:16), and if our lives are an ongoing demonstration that He is our Lord, then we should have the assurance that we belong to Him and that nothing can pluck us out of His hands (John 10:29; 1 John 3:1–9). A. W. Tozer wrote, “Faith is the least self-regarding of the virtues. It is by its very nature scarcely conscious of its own existence. . . . The man who has struggled to purify himself and has had nothing but repeated failures will experience real relief when he stops tinkering with his soul and looks away to the perfect One. While he looks at Christ, the very things he has so long been trying to do will be getting done within him.”


Kinders van God – 1 Johannes 2:28 – 3:10

  1. En nou, liewe kinders, julle moet in Hom bly, sodat ons almal niks te vrees sal hê wanneer Hy kom nie en by sy wederkoms nie beskaamd voor Hom sal staan nie. – 1 JOHANNES 2:28 AFR83
    1. Wie anders tog as julle is ons hoop en ons blydskap, die kroon op ons werk waarop ons trots sal wees wanneer ons met sy wederkoms voor die Here Jesus sal verskyn? – 1 TESSALONISENSE 2:19 AFR83
    1. Wanneer sal ons voor Jesus staan?
      1. By sy wederkoms.
    1. As ons in Hom bly, hoe sal ons voor Hom staan?
      1. Sonder vrees.
      1. Onbeskaamd.
  • Aangesien julle weet dat Hy regverdig is, weet julle ook dat elkeen wat regverdig lewe, ‘n kind van God is. – 1 JOHANNES 2:29 AFR83
    • Liewe kinders, moenie dat iemand julle mislei nie: wie regverdig lewe, is regverdig soos Hy regverdig is; – 1 JOHANNES 3:7 AFR83
    • Hoe weet ons dat ons kinders van God is?
      • Ons lewe regverdig voor Hom.
    • Iemand wat ‘n kind van God is, doen nie meer sonde nie, omdat die Gees van God in hom bly; en hy kan nie meer sondig nie, omdat hy uit God gebore is. – 1 JOHANNES 3:9 AFR83
    • Hoe lewe ons dan nou dat die Gees van God in ons is?
      • Ons doen nie meer sonde nie.
    • Hoe is dit moontlik dat ons nie meer sonde doen nie?
      • Ons is uit God gebore.
      • Ons is nou kinders van God.
      • Ons poog om `n lewe te lei waar ons nie meer toegee aan ons sondige begeertes nie.
    • Beteken dit dat as ons sondig dat ons nie kinders van God is nie?
      • Ons is kinders van God!
      • Die verskil is da tons nie meer opsetlik sondig nie, maar poog om nie te sondig nie.
    • Geliefdes, ons moet mekaar liefhê, want liefde kom van God, en elkeen wat liefhet, is ‘n kind van God en ken God. – 1 JOHANNES 4:7 AFR83
    • Hoekom moet ons mekaar lief hê?
      • Liefde kom van God af.
      • Elkeen wat liefhet, is `n kind van God en ken God.
    • Elkeen wat glo dat Jesus die Christus is, is ‘n kind van God; en elkeen wat vir die Vader liefhet, het ook die ander lief wat kinders van die Vader is. – 1 JOHANNES 5:1 AFR83
    • Wie moet ons lief hê?
      • Die ander wat kinders van God is.
    • want enigeen wat ‘n kind van God is, kan die sondige wêreld oorwin. En die oorwinning wat ons oor die wêreld behaal het, is deur ons geloof. – 1 JOHANNES 5:4 AFR83
    • Hoe oorwin ons die sondige wêreld?
      • Deur ons geloof.
    • Ons weet dat iemand wat uit God gebore is, nie meer sondig nie, maar die Seun van God bewaar hom, en die duiwel kry geen houvas op hom nie. – 1 JOHANNES 5:18 AFR83
    • Hoekom het die duiwel nie meer houvas op ons nie?
      • Ons is uit God weder gebore.
      • Ons behoort nou aan God en nie meer aan die duiwel nie.
      • Jesus bewaar ons.
  • Kyk watter groot liefde die Vader aan ons bewys het: Hy noem ons kinders van God, en ons is dit ook. En die wêreld ken ons nie, omdat dit Hom nie ken nie. – 1 JOHANNES 3:1 AFR83
    • “Regverdige Vader, die wêreld ken U nie, maar Ek ken U, en hulle hier weet dat U My gestuur het. – JOHANNES 17:25 AFR83
    • Hoekom “ken die wêreld ons nie?
      • Die wêreld ken nie vir God nie.
      • Hulle weet nie dat God die Vader vir Jesus, sy seun, gestuur het nie.
    • Werklike liefde is dít: nie die liefde wat ons vir God het nie, maar die liefde wat Hy aan ons bewys het deur sy Seun te stuur as versoening vir ons sondes. – 1 JOHANNES 4:10 AFR83
    • Wat is “werklike liefde” dan?
      • Dis nie die liefde wat ons vir God het nie.
      • Dit is die liefde wat God aan ons bewys het.
      • Hy het sy seun, Jesus, gestuur as versoening vir ons sondes.
      • Johannes 3:16.
    • Maar aan almal wat Hom aangeneem het, dié wat in Hom glo, het Hy die reg gegee om kinders van God te word. – JOHANNES 1:12 AFR83
    • Wat moet ons doen om kinders van God te word?
      • Ons moet Jesus Christus aanneem as ons eenigste Verlosser en Saligmaker.
      • Ons moet in God glo!
  • Geliefdes, ons is nou reeds kinders van God. Dit is nog nie geopenbaar wat ons sal wees nie, maar ons weet dat, wanneer Jesus kom, ons soos Hy sal wees. Ons sal Hom sien soos Hy werklik is. – 1 JOHANNES 3:2 AFR83
    • Hoe sal ons wees “manner Jesus kom”?
    • Deur hierdie geloof in Christus Jesus is julle nou almal kinders van God, – GALASIËRS 3:26 AFR83
    • Deur dit te doen, het Hy ons die kosbaarste en allergrootste gawes geskenk wat Hy belowe het. Daardeur kan julle die verderf ontvlug wat deur begeerlikheid in die wêreld werksaam is, en deel kry aan die Goddelike natuur. – 2 PETRUS 1:4 AFR83
    • Ek is daarvan oortuig dat die lyding wat ons nou moet verduur, nie opweeg teen die heerlikheid wat God vir ons in die toekoms sal laat aanbreek nie. – ROMEINE 8:18 AFR83
    • Dié wat Hy lank tevore verkies het, het Hy ook bestem om gelykvormig te wees aan die beeld van sy Seun, sodat sy Seun baie broers kan hê van wie Hy die Eerste is. – ROMEINE 8:29 AFR83
    • Selfs nadat hierdie siekte my vel weggevreet het, sal ek nog lewe en God sien. – JOB 19:26 AFR83
    • Geseënd is dié wat rein van hart is, want hulle sal God sien. – MATTEUS 5:8 AFR83
    • “Vader, Ek wil graag hê dat waar Ek is, hulle wat U My gegee het, ook by My moet wees, sodat hulle my heerlikheid kan sien, die heerlikheid wat U My gegee het omdat U My al voor die skepping van die wêreld liefgehad het. – JOHANNES 17:24 AFR83
    • Hulle sal Hom sien, en sy Naam sal op hulle voorkoppe wees. – DIE OPENBARING 22:4 AFR83
  • Elkeen wat hierdie verwagting in verband met Hom koester, hou homself rein soos Jesus rein is. – 1 JOHANNES 3:3 AFR83
    • Geliefdes, hierdie beloftes is ook vir ons. Laat ons ons dan reinig van alles wat liggaam en gees verontreinig, en ons in gehoorsaamheid aan God volkome aan Hom toewy. – 2 KORINTIËRS 7:1 AFR83
    • Nee, soos Hy wat julle geroep het, heilig is, moet julle ook in julle hele lewenswandel heilig wees. – 1 PETRUS 1:15 AFR83
    • Hiérin het die liefde sy doel volkome met ons bereik: ons het niks te vrees vir die oordeelsdag nie, want in hierdie wêreld lewe ons reeds deur die liefde net soos Jesus. – 1 JOHANNES 4:17 AFR83
  • Elkeen wat sonde doen, oortree die wet van God. Sonde is immers oortreding van die wet van God. – 1 JOHANNES 3:4 AFR83
    • Die wet bring juis die straf van God, want waar daar nie ‘n wet is nie, is daar ook geen oortreding van die wet nie. – ROMEINE 4:15 AFR83
    • Alle ongeregtigheid is sonde, maar daar is sonde wat nie tot die dood lei nie. – 1 JOHANNES 5:17 AFR83
  • Julle weet dat Jesus gekom het om die sondes weg te neem, en daar is geen sonde in Hom nie. – 1 JOHANNES 3:5 AFR83
    • Dan sou Christus immers herhaaldelik moes gely het, reeds van die skepping van die wêreld af. Maar nou het Hy net een keer in die voleinding van die tye verskyn om deur sy offer die sonde weg te neem. – HEBREËRS 9:26 AFR83
    • Die volgende dag sien Johannes vir Jesus na hom toe kom. Hy sê toe: “Dáár is die Lam van God wat die sonde van die wêreld wegneem! – JOHANNES 1:29 AFR83
    • Christus was sonder sonde, maar God het Hom in ons plek as sondaar behandel sodat ons, deur ons eenheid met Christus, deur God vrygespreek kan wees. – 2 KORINTIËRS 5:21 AFR83
    • Die Hoëpriester wat ons het, is nie Een wat geen medelye met ons swakhede kan hê nie; Hy was immers in elke opsig net soos ons aan versoeking onderwerp, maar Hy het nie gesondig nie. – HEBREËRS 4:15 AFR83
  • Iemand wat in Hom bly, hou nie aan met sondig nie; iemand wat aanhou sondig, het Hom nie gesien nie en ken Hom nie. – 1 JOHANNES 3:6 AFR83
    • Liewe Gaius, moenie die verkeerde voorbeeld volg nie, volg die goeie. Wie goed doen, behoort aan God; wie verkeerd doen, het nie vir God gesien nie. – 3 JOHANNES 1:11 AFR83
    • Iemand wat sê: “Ek ken Hom,” maar nie sy gebooie gehoorsaam nie, is ‘n leuenaar, en die waarheid is nie in hom nie. – 1 JOHANNES 2:4 AFR83
  • Liewe kinders, moenie dat iemand julle mislei nie: wie regverdig lewe, is regverdig soos Hy regverdig is; – 1 JOHANNES 3:7 AFR83
  1. wie aanhou sonde doen, behoort aan die duiwel, want die duiwel hou van die begin af aan met sondig. En die Seun van God het juis gekom om die werk van die duiwel tot niet te maak. – 1 JOHANNES 3:8 AFR83
    1. God het selfs die engele wat gesondig het, nie gespaar nie. Hy het hulle in die hel gestort en hulle laat boei om in die duisternis gevange gehou te word vir die oordeel. – 2 PETRUS 2:4 AFR83
    1. Ek stel vyandskap tussen jou en die vrou, tussen jou nageslag en haar nageslag. Haar nageslag sal jou kop vermorsel en jy sal hom in die hakskeen byt.” – GENESIS 3:15 AFR83
    1. Aangesien hierdie kinders mense van vlees en bloed is, het Hy ook net soos hulle mens geword. Dit het Hy gedoen om deur sy dood dié een wat mag het oor die dood, dit is die duiwel, te vernietig – HEBREËRS 2:14 AFR83
  1. Iemand wat ‘n kind van God is, doen nie meer sonde nie, omdat die Gees van God in hom bly; en hy kan nie meer sondig nie, omdat hy uit God gebore is. – 1 JOHANNES 3:9 AFR83
    1. Ons weet dat iemand wat uit God gebore is, nie meer sondig nie, maar die Seun van God bewaar hom, en die duiwel kry geen houvas op hom nie. – 1 JOHANNES 5:18 AFR83
    1. Julle is immers weergebore, nie uit verganklike saad nie, maar uit onverganklike saad: die lewende en ewige woord van God. – 1 PETRUS 1:23 AFR83
    1. Daarop sê Jesus vir hom: “Dít verseker Ek jou: As iemand nie opnuut gebore word nie, kan hy die koninkryk van God nie sien nie.” – JOHANNES 3:3 AFR83
  1. Hiéraan is dit duidelik wie kinders van God en wie kinders van die duiwel is: iemand wat nie regverdig lewe nie en nie sy broer liefhet nie, behoort nie aan God nie. – 1 JOHANNES 3:10 AFR83


Why Do We Need to Read the Bible Every Day?

by Inspiration Ministries:

While you’re asking yourself the above question, why not also ask yourself, “How long can I go without eating?”

What’s the answer? A day? No problem, right? But how would you feel at the end of that day?

How about not eating for a week? That’s more challenging; but you could probably do it. Then again, how would you feel at the end of that week? Tired? Most likely. Weak? Certainly.

And what about going without food for 30 or 40 days? How long would it take before your body gave out completely and you died? There’s a limit to how long anyone can go without nourishment.

God established this principle of self-preservation to keep us alive and healthy. In order to stay alive, we must eat. The same principle holds true spiritually. Unless you receive regular spiritual nourishment, you will experience consequences.

So, what is spiritual nourishment? The Word of God! The longer you go without the sustenance it contains, the weaker your spirit becomes!

Reading the Bible is the spiritual nourishment you need that enables you to become strong and healthy enough to fight any battle, temptation, or daily struggle that comes before you!

Feeding in God’s Word

As you read Scripture, you soon find that, although written thousands of years ago, its words are still incredibly relevant to your life today.

Within its pages you’ll find stories of people you can identify with, lessons to learn, refreshment for your soul, and comfort in your times of need.

Make a Commitment

How would you rate your spiritual life today? Are you spiritually malnourished, lacking the power you need to live in victory? Do you sometimes feel like you’re starving to death spiritually? If so, the best way to change this is to faithfully spend time with the Lord every day. Take time to worship, pray, and feast upon God’s Word!

If you need help getting started with this new commitment, we have prayer ministers available to help you.